Despite finishing in second place in the International League South division with an overall record of 81 wins / 63 loses (.563) and making the post-season as a wildcard, the Gwinnett Braves only managed to rank 12th out of 14 teams in their division for attendance.

Maxwell Q. Klinger’s (M*A*S*H) Toledo Mud Hens ranked 7th in attendance within the same division outdrawing the Gwinnett Braves by over 130,000 for the season and they didn’t even make the post-season.

The Gwinnett Stadium has a seating capacity of 10,099 (Triple-A teams are required to maintain a stadium seating capacity of at least 10,000), but only averaged 5,965 per game.

One has to continue to question the wisdom of locating a minor league team so close to its major league affiliate’s stadium. It’s probably as convenient or even more convenient for many Gwinnettians to take in an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field as it is a Gwinnett Braves game… but of course we the taxpayers who paid the $64 million tab for the new stadium had no say-so in the process…

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